Freshly baked bagels

Freshly baked bagels

Freshly baked bagels every day

A delicious range of fill up

A delicious range of fill up

We have a large variety to suit all taste for breakfast or lunch

The traditional bagel

The traditional bagel

Always the fresh traditional bagel infront of you

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Check some of our best products and feel the great passion for bagels

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Main services we provide

Our services are the best in town, we provide great quality and the only bagels in Tirana


Every day you can find fresh baked bagels cooked by the traditional New York recipe. You can find them in different sizes, seeds on them and tastes.

Fill Up

Bagels can be special and come with your tastes and your favorite fill ups beginning from the traditional cream cheese.


The american tastes doesn't come only with bagels specialities but you can try oatmeal biscuits, muffins, lemon and chocolate cake.


You can begin your breakfast with a american coffee, drink it here or take out, or have your lunch bagel with a fresh fruit juice.

Different types of bagels

You will find them only the best products in our stores


This week offers

We offer something different to local and foreign patrons
and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


Macchiato / Coffee + Oatmeal Biscuit

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Lunch Menu

Cream Cheese Bagels + Fruits Juice

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Our Products

Bagels are our speciality with different seeds on it and cooked by the traditional american way. The fill up is different. You can find cookies and muffins for a sweet tooth. Coffee even to take out.

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We offer delivery service at your home or office. One other service is catering for every event, at your office for a reception or a business lunch or at your home for a special day.

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Social Business

New York Tirana Bagels is a social business created by a group of albanian and american. One part of the profit goes to the woman and children in need of Albania.


The companies that trust us are the main key to our success, will come soon. You can be one of them.

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